Cocktail Bar Max & Dom Whiskey Warszawa

Cocktail Bar Max & Dom Whiskey Warszawa

Once, one of my spirits suppliers during the discussion on current bar trends, mentioned, ‚today fruit salad on the top of the glass is only allowed in Bar Max‚ Fruit salads? Today? This can’t be allowed. Well, is it? In the era of minimalism and craft, does someone could come out with a dragon fruit on a tornado shape glass and try to save it by outstanding quality and taste? … no no no garnish in a cocktail must make sense. This is a serious matter. The composition should refer to the content of the cocktail, or be a great compliment to it. The cutting method, placing, fixing, these are professional techniques. Bartenders know. Fruit selections built upright, flowing down from large, colorful, unleavened – they remind me of …  all inclusive holidays. Sunny memories, but bad associations. In addition, as a concept transferred to our country, it loses even more in quality.  Has nothing to do with native, exotic heritage. It seams a little cheap and cheesy.

Or does it? Are you sure? Theren is this one place on the main pedestrian street, where people know how to pull it off. They really know how to play with this style, and how to impress. There are countless creations, options and flavors in the offer of this bar. Known from Jastrzębia Góra (also Sopot, Wrocław and from the capital’s Krucza street), Max Bar and Dom Whiskey opened its doors at the corner of Foksal and Nowy Świat Street in February, What was over there before? H&M? Doesnt matter. Today, there is a capital city of alcoholic beverages with shelves bending from bottles with labels from around the world. Over 4,000 different kinds on over 600 sq meeters. A beautifully lit, 8-meter tall bar is there in the centre of it all. It connects two storeys – the cocktail one and the other of House of Whiskey – where the lovers of the ‘water of life’ will find everything they dreamed about. The offer of whiskey and whiskey is incomparable to any other placeYou can add to it its comfortable, intimate space conducive to long tastings and social gatherings. No wonder the crowd grows every evening. The crew from behind the bar is working really hard, but always smiling, trying to stisfy the crowd. In the background, pleasant music and a cacophony of languages plays, you can hear different accents, salvo of laughter, joy. Regardless of who and with whom  and at which circumstances you will find yourself here – satisfaction is guaranteed. The service here is perfectly trained in every respect. Professionals in scottish kilts will answer every question, lead on subsequent labels, many of which are unique on the scale of the world. We will find here many bottles from distilleries or vintages that we will not see anywhere else. Nowy Świat 32 is also the new Polish embassy of Ardbeg whisky. On February 16, Hamish Torrie, the global brand ambassador of Ardbeg and Glenomorangie, made an official blessing for the brand’s new headquarters and together with a whole host of peat lovers transported Islay to Warsaw.

At the top flor is also a nice zone for rum and cigars lovers, after all, the love for rum in this part of Europe is growing from year to year.

Let’s go back to the fruit salads. Bar Max brings exotic fruits from around the world. Some such as rambutan, noni or persimmon in the form of garni are available only here. The effects of ingenuity and creativity of cocktail makers are beautiful. Colorful, geometric bouquets of fruit delight every time. We can really discover the flavors that we had no idea about, move to the other end of the world. The unbelievers can watch photos of cocktails on instagram @coctailbarmax – amazing is it not? The talented bartenders will first taste your tastes and intentions, and then they will surprise you. Each of you. Regardless of taste and alcohol preferences. These non-alcoholic people can go wild too. There are many options, from milk or chocolate to exotic or healthy stuff.

And those who do not know what they want, have the best time here, because the bartenders are wizards that fulfill dreams and broaden horizons. Coctail Bar Max and Dom Whiskey is a genius and refined concept. The creators of this extraordinary place share their experience and love for flavors for over 20 years. Thank them for this. They should be proud of themselves.


ul. Nowy Świat 32,
tel. 0691-870-000
Open: 10:00 – 05:00

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